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Civil Disobedience is a must to make the FBI & DOJ hear your voice!

Massive Election Fraud?
Sources from the Associated Press, the Washington Post and NBC (specifically Richard Engel) have reported a multitude of dirty and questionable dealings between Donald Trump and the Russian government.  Multiple reports and have shown that Donald Trump, his campaign, and his surrogates were in constant contact with Russian government officials and hackers throughout his campaign and election cycle.  It has also been confirmed that constant communication with the Russians during election day on Nov. 8, 2016 did occur. Why the Trump campaign and Trump himself needed to be making constant contact with a foreign government is yet to be discovered.

What is very likely is that a rigging of the US election was being plotted and executed.

With all that WikiLeaks and Russian hackers did to help Trump get elected by dumping massive amounts of data (emails) to destroy Hillary Clintons reputation and create doubt in the American voter,  it makes it very difficult for Donald Trump and his surrogates to deny their connections to the Russian government.

Other sources have said that the election was rigged and that some election equipment was tampered with by side loading malicious code into US election machines. What the malicious code could have possibly done to sway the election towards Trump is currently unknown. Knowing computer code makes us believe that this code could have been used to count votes one way or the other to benefit the desired candidate. The code could have deleted counting of votes for a specific candidate, doubled the votes from each voter to a preferred candidate, or simply started the counter much higher for Donald Trump.  The possibilities are endless of how this code could have been used.

NBC's Richard Engel commented on election night that the Russians have massive amounts of data on Donald Trump himself which they plan to use as blackmail, or in Richard Engel's terms to "humble" Donald Trump.  Richard Engel stated that he was made aware of this fact through his contact with US Generals.  It is apparently a grave national security issue which they are understandably very worried about.  The point is, whether you believe Donald Trump is working with the Russians or not, they will get their way with him willing or unwilling. 

 The majority of Americans voted for an American to run our country, and NOT RUSSIA. Your duty is to get out there and protest.  Be heard.  Call for the Department of Justice to review all election equipment all over the country and mainly in Florida.

Your civil DUTY is the demand from the FBI and Justice Department to confirm all voter ballots, to recount and cross reference them to registered voters.  Because fraud DID occur and we as Americans got a Russian puppet president elect to be used to benefit Russia's ultimate lust for power. BACK

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