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Get Out and Protest

Civil Disobedience is a must, against Trump & Putin!

Get out and protest.
We have until January 20, 2017 to unite against the racist bigot Donald Trump. Even if the only thing we accomplish is to send a very clear message to his racist followers, staff, and Donald himself it will be worth it for us as the disenfranchised masses who believe we have had this election stolen from us.

Civil disobedience is a must, but it must be done by the millions, every day and every hour.  We must not stop.  We must continue fighting for what we believe is an America we want for all and not just for those empowered by a racist candidate.

Do not for a second believe that Donald Trump will be a better man.  He's a pathological liar and will deceive you once he has been sworn into office. He will feel empowered and go after Americans with all his might. He will send attack dogs, use tear gas, water cannons and use real bullets to stop civil disobedience and protestors. YES.  Donald Trump will order his henchmen to shoot to kill you and your kids while exercising your right to protest.

Do not believe the Media hype, President Obama, or anyone else that you should give this very dangerous man a chance. We need to topple him and his Hitler regime before he gains power. Mobilize NOW while you are safe and under the protection of a sane and caring President Obama.

Stop at nothing!  Hit the streets and let us UNITE for a better world and  for all of us regardless of creed, ethnic backgrounds, heritage or religion.

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