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Bread Basket of America the Big NAFTA Lie told about USA, Canada, Mexico Trade

The NAFTA Effect to Midwest Farmers & Ranchers

Get out and protest.
It saddens me to see that so many people in America's Bread Basket voted for Donald Trump -  a bigot, anti-Semitic, racist, un-qualified individual. You all fell for the NAFTA trick without apparently doing your research. YOUR HATE TRUMPED your pocket book. But let me get to facts and leave emotion out of the following very important facts on who really looses... We all do, with our three nation trading pact being broken by Donald Trump.

In particular, America’s farmers and ranchers have benefitted greatly from NAFTA, because it’s meant more export opportunities. In turn, all the farmers in Donald Trump red Midwest states have and will continue to reap the biggest benefits of NAFTA.

According to research done by Kimberly Amadeo from The Balance, NAFTA has created the world's largest trading zone covering over 450 million people. This amounts to an economic powerhouse of over $20 trillion dollars in GDP with the US's $17.97 trillion, Canada's $1.6 trillion and Mexico's $2.2 trillion dollar economies. Our North American trading block produces an output bigger than the 28 country European Union trading block.

Between 1993-2015 trade has quadrupled, empowering all three countries with tremendous economic growth.  NAFTA has created and kept millions of in-house jobs while making all products and especially food cheaper for consumers of the three nation trade pact.  At the same time NAFTA has made North America an economic powerhouse to be reckoned with when dealing with Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

Back to the Midwest - yes, all your ranch and farm products end up in Mexico and Canada, billions of dollars worth every year.


Advantages of NAFTA
by Kimberly Amadeo

NAFTA Good for Farmers, Good for America
Office of the United States Trade Representative


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