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Jill Stein: Raises Enough Money For Vote Recount

Green Party Candidate Dr.Jill Stein launches Vote Recount

Money raised for recount.
Green Party Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein raises enough money to challenge the results of three swing states: Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Dr. Jill Stein appeared motivated to challenge the results on behalf of Hillary Clinton after the New York magazine reported  that a group of activists, including computer scientists and election lawyers, were urging Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to call for a recount in those same three states.

Stein launch a fundraiser Wednesday afternoon to raise the money to pay the states for the recount cost. This is usually required by states to cover recount costs and to prevent bogus and unnecessary challenges to election results.  Stein managed to raise the almost $2.5 million Dollars required in a matter of hours after launching the fund raiser.

Even if the results don't change to benefit Hillary Clinton it will at least bring peace of mind to the many millions of Americans that have suspicions that the election results were rigged by the Russians on behalf of Donald Trump.

We can only hope the recount will continue to Florida where countless discrepancies are apparent.  BACK

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