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Donald Trump's Third Reich- His White House Cabinet

Donald Trump's Cabinet assignments look more like a KKK rally.

"Give him a chance!" Says a BLACK GUY named Dave Chappelle.
"America, give Trump a chance!" says another black man named President Obama.

America has become a very terrifying place to live if you're non-white.  I feel sad for the future of America.  I cannot imagine that the founding fathers could ever have imagined that the beautiful country they created would someday be torn apart by an ORANGE MONSTER from New York named Donald Trump.  All the appeasers that keep saying, "Give him a chance," are delusional and in denial.  When are we going to see the writing on the wall?  Trump and his posse of hate will make all non-white Americans into sub and second class citizens.  So go ahead and give this monster a chance!  Give him a chance to place you in ghettos, in interment camps, deport you to the gas chambers.  STOP LYING to yourself!  Unless you plan to go willingly to your own execution, it's time NOW to take action.  Get out there and protest, make you presence known, and call on the DOJ to audit the votes.  You have all too quickly forgotten that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.  In a democracy, that has to count for something.  Especially when the freak that DIDN'T win will destroy our country.

From our President Barrack Obama to our beloved Bernie Sanders to the white supremacy movement the enablers keep screaming "GIVE HIM A CHANCE!" Really?!

Trump is a known racist who discriminates against minorities by refusing to rent to them. He called Federal Judge Gonzalo P Curiel incapable of ruling fairly on his fraud case against Trump University in California because of his Mexican heritage. He has said he will ban all Muslims from entering America, and the ones that live here already will be required to register.  Trump has called the Mexican people rapists and criminals.  He's attacked the Jewish people with anti-Semitic messages from the white supremacy movements.  He's called black people lazy and welfare hogs.  His own father Fred Trump participated with the KKK in riots in New York in the 1900's according to the Washington Post.

If his own record isn't enough to concern you, just look at his gathering posse.  He has picked the worst of the worst that embody every single one of his backwards thoughts on race and what color America should be.  Now that he got elected, he surrounds himself with the ultra-right wing, white nationalists, and open supporters of the KKK.

The prospective chief strategist and senior counselor to Trump's White House, Stephen K Bannon is a known racist, anti-Semite, misogynist that heavily supports an ALL WHITE AMERICA and regularly aligns himself with the white supremacy and Neo-Nazi movements.  Another appointment, disgraced Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, firmly and openly hates Muslims and supports Trump's Muslim Registration Policy. The Attorney General in Trump's cabinet will be Jeff Sessions, a known racist and supporter of the KKK in Alabama. Trump's top aid Kris Kobach is the mastermind architect of the Muslim Registry Program.  Secretary of State Rudolph W. Giuliani, another known racist, unleashed stop and frisk policing policies that targeted blacks and Hispanics by the NYPD when he was the mayor of New York City.  Prospective Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin spent his career denying home loans to anyone who wasn't white.

The list of racist bigots in Trumps inner circle goes on and on.  It is an endless list of staffers, cabinet picks, family members, and friends who all share the white supremacist views of Trump.  It is a future administration full of racist, bigots, misogynists, anti-Semitic NEO-NAZIS, white Nationalists, white supremacists, and supporters of the KKK. 

Trump's cabinet looks like a full blown KKK rally right before a lynching and these two black dudes are calling on Americans to give him a chance. REALLY, ARE YOU BLIND?  Give him a chance for what?  For them to start hanging people from trees, burning churches, sending people into internment camps, ghettos and gas chambers?  Sometimes history doesn't just repeat itself.  Sometimes history produces a new low.  Trump is that new low in American history, if not the end of American history altogether


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