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"Judenrats" The Enablers

The minorities and enablers.

Trump uses minorities like Hitler used the Judenrat.
The Judenrat in pre World War II Germany were instrumental in executing Hitler's master plan.  The Judenrat, or "Jewish Council" was an organization led by Jewish elders and other Jewish leaders within the Jewish communities.  Hitler's regime relied heavily on the Judenrat to convince their own people to comply with Hitler's wishes.  The deception was cold and calculated.  Jewish communities were allowed to elect their own representatives in the council.  Though some refused to serve and others were replaced by Hitler's regime with more compliant individuals, the idea that the Jews were electing their own leaders only served to solidify their trust in the Judenrat.  Many Jews did not trust the intentions of the Germans and met most requests with extreme uneasiness and paranoia.  The Judenrat was used to calm this resistance and to convince their fellow Jews to comply.

In early years, the Judenrat were mainly used to conduct censuses and to register all Jews in their communities.  Though seemingly harmless, this one act facilitated Hitler's regime in the execution of all later atrocities.  As Hitler's plan progressed, the Judenrat were used to help remove Jews from their homes and relocate them into assigned Jewish ghettos.  The Jundenrat convinced their communities to surrender valuables, present for forced labor, and eventually move to concentration camps. 

The word "Jundenrat" soon came to mean a "traitor within their own people", though the original Judenrat never envisioned themselves becoming that.  In fact, many individuals in the Judenrat tried to use their power to organize food distribution, care for the sick and elderly, protect certain family members, and to stall Hitler's agenda.  What they actually accomplished in the scheme of Hitler's master plan was to enable compliance of the Jews at every step of the way.  As the situation deteriorated, the Judenrat came to mean anyone who sided with Hitler's gestapo.  Many within the Jewish communities did just that in hopes of receiving some preferential treatment. In the end they were powerless against Hitler's forces, and faced concentration camps and gas chambers along with the rest of their fellow Jews.

The Judenrat were not deliberate participants in the destruction of their own people.  The decisions they made along the way, and in particular their absence of defiance made them Hitler's puppets. 

With Donald Trump's attacks on minorities in the US including blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and Muslims it is shocking to see that nearly 30% of all racial minorities voted for him (excluding blacks, of which 8% voted for Trump).  In-depth professional research is needed to fully understand the psychological factors that produced this phenomenon, but the results are clearly shocking.

Donald Trump clearly needs the support of minorities to dilute his racist rhetoric and associations.  He visited black churches, courted the Hindu communities, and placed minority supporters next to him on stage at Trump rallies.  These were calculated actions carried out with deliberate media coverage.  He needs these minority supporters to paint a picture that masks his true intentions.  He is using these supporters as his own form of Judenrat. 

But why are so many minorities falling for the scam?  After all Donald Trump has said, how could any minority possibly want to vote for him?  Why are so many minorities turning against their own people? 

Is it possible the Trump rhetoric has effectively pinned minorities against each other?  You sneaky Trump.  Are blacks voting against Hispanics, and vice versa because of long-standing rivalries?  Are Central and South Americans voting for Trump because they thought "Mexican" meant only Mexican, and not all Hispanics?  Are Cubans voting for Trump because they thought he only intended to block refugees from Africa and the Middle East?  Are naturalized immigrant citizens voting for Trump because they fear more immigrants will threaten the jobs the hold?  Are they afraid a taco truck on every corner will threaten their taco business?

Regardless of their reasons, it is likely they are unaware of the damage they are doing to themselves.  Having lived under a blanket of relative safety in America, horrors like death camps and gas chambers read like a distant fairy tale.  Slavery, lynching, and hanging is a thing of the past.  Segregation ended decades ago.  Affirmative action ensures equal hiring and college admission.  The laws will protect them.  Americans have fought a long and difficult fight to make racial equality the law of the land, and minorities now enjoy a relatively peaceful world in America. 

What they don't realize is that the KKK is still around.  The Neo Nazi and white supremacist movements are alive and well in America.  These are all groups that have glowingly endorsed Trump, and he refuses to denounce their support.  Nearly 500 hate crimes have been committed just since the election.  The tides can turn very quickly, as they did in Nazi Germany, and send the minorities relatively protected life into a tailspin of unimaginable and unpredictable mistreatment.  Now these same minorities have helped elect a President who seeks to do just that. 

These non-white Trump supporters appear to make the mistake of thinking that Trump sees them as equal just because they support him.  They could not be more wrong.  A white supremacist club inherently allows white membership only, and a vote for Donald Trump cannot change the color of your skin.  One thing you can be sure of though is that Trump and his gestapo will not discriminate any minority from fair and equal mistreatment.

You don't have to look very far for an example of this.  Ben Carson was one of the first prominent minority characters to support Donald Trump.  But where is Ben Carson's cabinet seat?  Surely he would have been a great candidate for Surgeon General.  It sounds like that won't be happening.  Now Ben Carson has suddenly decided he doesn't want a government seat, when less than a year ago he was running for President of the United States.  Like a kid who didn't get asked to play, he now claims he never wanted to play anyway.

To all the Trump Judenrats out there, the white supremacists send you their warmest congratulations.  You have elected your annihilator to rule you.  You have kissed your executioner's feet.  You have sold your own people, your own family, your own mother, your own children for a lick of propaganda promises and delusions.  When the tide of hate comes your way, the color of your skin will be the only instigator and no one will stop to ask who you voted for. BACK

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