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Donald Trump Can Be Charged with Treason

Could get the death penalty if charged.

Possible reasons for Treason Charges.
Donald Trump Can be Charged with Treason.

US Constitution: Treason, Article III Section 3: Levying war against the United States, adhering to the nation's enemies, or giving our nation's enemies aid and comfort.

How much did the Russians influence the election?  This is the question millions of Americans have been left wondering, with the government providing little answer.  What we do know is that Russian hackers directly associated with the Kremlin were involved in massive data breeches during the last election cycle.  Russian hackers were found to have hacked into multiple state election offices.  Russian hackers hacked the emails of the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and other high ranking members of the Democratic party.  Russian-launched computer viruses were found wiping election computers and equipment before the election.  Thousands of Russian sponsored bots and trolls infested social media spreading lies and negative propaganda about Hillary Clinton and spreading pro Trump propaganda.  Americans are left wondering what the hell happened and why the US government didn't do more to stop the massive propaganda machine sponsored by Wikileaks and the Russian government to help sway the election towards Donald Trump.  Americans are left wondering whether the Donald Trump campaign really won the election or if the Russians did.

What did Julian Asange have to gain from spreading negative information and lies about Hillary Clinton through Wikileaks?

Julian Asange was not doing the world a favor by releasing hacked documents from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her top aids. He was cooperating with the Russian government for personal gain. With Wikileaks collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from Trump supporters, Julian Asange achieved significant financial gain.  But that was merely coincidental and unexpected. His main goal was to help the Russians plant a puppet President in the White House that he hopes will pardon him for pending charges involving releasing classified US military documents, and also hopefully put pressure on the Swedish government to drop the multiple rape charges he's facing in Sweden.

What did the Russians have to gain for helping Trump win?

Disgraced Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, a big Trump supporter and adviser, visited Russia in the last year, supposedly to have dinner with the Russian President Vladimir Putin and do an interview with RT.  What reason would a disgraced US general have to go to Russia and meet with America's biggest adversary? A US general with American military secrets should never be allowed to meet in private with America's enemies. Just exactly what a Trump aid was doing in Russia meeting with Putin is a good question.  Knowing how aggressively the Russians targeted our election one could easily suspect that maybe the meeting was to solicit the help of the Russians in Donald Trump's election effort.

The Russians in return got themselves a puppet in the White House, someone they know very well because of Donald Trump's past business dealings with Russian oligarchs connected to President Putin himself. The Russians now  have someone in the White House that they plan to control through continued blackmail. According to conversations with current US generals, NBC's International correspondent Richard Engel reported that the Russians have massive amounts of data against Donald Trump that they intend to use this information to "Humble him", using Richard Engel's own words.

It is time for the American people to get involved.  Call on the NSA, CIA, FBI, President Obama and Department of Justice to investigate. Someone out there knows the truth on whether Donald Trump sent his aids to Russia to ask for help on rigging the election. Knowing Donald Trump's character and previous ties to Russia, it's not far fetched that he personally or through aids requested help from America's enemy.  If this can be proven, Donald Trump can be charged with treason, which carries the death penalty.  

Treason as defined in the US Constitution: Article III Section 3: Levying war against the United States, adhering to the nation's enemies, or giving our nation's enemies aid and comfort.

The truth is out there and someone has the proof...

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