A Treatise of Government

Understanding our Democracy and the dangers of loosing it.

Understanding the value of our precious and delicate Democracy is the key to protecting it from dangerous and flawed men.


The Syrian Civil War: Origins and Motives

The Proxy Multi-Country War

The Syrian Civil War- before it made the news, Syria was a rather unremarkable Middle Eastern nation, and most Americans probably wouldn’t even know what Syria is.

Donald Trump's Third Reich

Donald Trump's Cabinet assignments look more like a KKK rally.

"Give him a chance!" Says a BLACK GUY named Dave Chappelle.
"America, give Trump a chance!" says another black man named President Obama.

Donald Trump Charged with Treason?

Donald trump can be charged with treason. Could get the death penalty if charged.  US Constitution: Treason, Article III Section 3: Levying war against the United States, adhering to the nation's enemies, or giving our nation's enemies aid and comfort.

"Judenrats" The Enablers

The minorities and enablers.

Trump uses minorities like Hitler used the Judenrat.
The Judenrat in pre World War II Germany were instrumental in executing Hitler's master plan. The Judenrat, or "Jewish Council"

NAFTA Lie told about USA, Canada, Mexico Trade

Bread Basket of America, NAFTA lie told about US, Canada, Mexico trade.

The NAFTA Effect to Midwest Farmers & Ranchers It's sad to see that so many people in America's Bread Basket voted for Donald Trump - a bigot, anti-Semitic, racist, un-qualified individual.


Civil Disobedience is a must to make the FBI & DOJ hear your voice!

Massive Election Fraud?
Sources from the Associated Press, the Washington Post and NBC (specifically Richard Engel) have reported a multitude of dirty and questionable dealings between Donald Trump and the Russian government.

Get out and protest!

Civil disobedience is a must, but it must be done by the millions, every day and every hour. We must not stop. We must continue fighting for what we believe is an America we want for all and not just for those empowered by a racist candidate.

Stormy Daniels Juicy Trump Video

Juicy Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump Video made public on YouTube. We believe it's a hoax, what do you think?
A recently published video on YouTube claims to be a retaliation against Donald Trump, by porn-star Stormy Daniels. Video Screenshot

The Comey Files-Trump's Crimes

Former FBI director James Comey, who was fired by Donald Trump on May 9, 2017 is about to release an explosive tell all book titled A Higher Loyalty on April 17, 2018.

Firing McCabe will bite Trump on ass

The firing of former FBI Director Andrew McCabe will eventually come back to bite Trump on the ass.

Donald Trump's obsesssion with a game

Donald Trump obsessed with Mo Gummy

Dealership Scams in South Texas

Bert Ogden dealership in South Texas scams thousands

NRA, Al-Qaeda, ISIS-Sponsors of Death and Terror

NRA (National Rifle Association)- Mocks students If you're friends hadn't been shot, you wouldn't be famous

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