Our Approach

Reporting in brief your daily news. No one has time to read all the days headlines, but we do do.

Our Story

With so many headlines changing minute by minute it's hard to follow the what's important to you. So about ten years ago we launched some very popular news sites and in order to reach as many news concepts we decided to launch Grumpy Old News. Which provides readers a new prospective in news.

Meet the Team

We introduce you some of our top writers.

Christie Jones

Columnist reporting Tech News

Born and raised in Nebraska

Went to NYU studied Journalism and Poli. Sci. Working for us for ten years now.

Bobbie Wood

Columnist  Reporting Politics

Born in Oklahoma

Studied at Brown and North Western. Studied journalism and Comp. Sci. Has been with us from the beginning.

Tyron Hill J.

Columnist Reporting Breaking News

Born in Chicago, Ill

University of Chicago- Poli. Sci. and journalism- TV and Internet Media

A true breaking news hound.

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