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Dealer (Bert Ogden) in South Texas SCAMS thousands

Bert Ogden's Auto Group BIG SCAM- Above the prize winning mailers they sent out to thousands of customers.

No you didn't win that car! No you didn't win that TV! No you didn't win that iPad!  It's all a big scam run by South Texas' biggest auto dealership. They tell you, need to come in and claim your prize but when you go in they say you didn't really win. So they just wasted your time and gas to drive there. However if you want to buy a car they'll be happy to help you.

Again and again car salesmen get down and dirty and go back to their roots of conning, lying, cheating and scamming their customers. You would imagine that the bigger the better, right? Not really!  Car dealerships don't get so big by being honest.  Bert Ogden's prize winning mailer proves how car dealerships prey on the most vulnerable.

In the last month Bert Ogden sent out a mass mailer that arrived at your mailbox, with promises of great prizes and big dreams of free TV's, money and cars.  All you had to do was scratch off three matching prizes and you WIN!  That's what the flyer says.  Well being a car dealership, they didn't disappoint. As it turns out, all of the flyers are "winners".  It was all a scam to get suckers in the door.

So don't buy into it!  Throw their mailer in the garbage and if you've been scammed by them already make sure to vent out on social media.  Go review their pages and let the world know about these scammers.

An attempt was made to contact somebody for comment at Bert Ogden but we were unable to reach anyone willing to comment on the recent scam.

Advice: If you got conned by this scam you can report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

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