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NRA, Al-Qaeda, ISIS-Sponsors of Death and Terror

NRA (National Rifle Association)- Mocks students If you're friends hadn't been shot, you wouldn't be famous

As disgusting as the headline is, it's extraordinarily disgusting for a gun toting organization that promotes death to target our kids with such vileness.

Colion Noir (Collins Iyare Idehen Jr), a host on NRATV said Saturday  “No one would know your names” if your friends and teachers hadn't been massacre. You could have been saved by someone exercising his 2nd amendment rights. Now you use your First Amendment Rights to crush someone else's 2nd Amendment Rights.

This factory of DEATH that is the NRA an organization heavily funded by weapons manufacturers needs to be stop. It's a terrorist organization that heavily sponsors terrorism and is not much different in it's sponsor of death and terror then it's counterparts Al-Queada and ISIS.

Ops Writer- Jason Zuckerberg

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