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Trump, TV and a game (Mo Gummy)

Donald Trump spends most of his free time watching TV and playing games.

The game- Mo Gummy
In a strange twist with this eccentric President, it has been reported that Trump has an addiction and almost infatuation with Mo Gummy, a character in the Mo Candy game brands, according to an anonymous source.

The source stated that Mr. Trump spends as much time playing the game as he spends watching TV. We asked the source if Mr. Trump ever commented on why he loved the game so much. The source said no, but that the source assumed it was all the pretty colors, castles and kings in the game.

We attempted to contact the White House but were unable to reach anyone for comment. We also contacted the company that makes the game series, EvolutionRed, and they sent us the reply below:

'Our company welcomes all players, whoever they are, and we do not disclose or track our users. Our users data, if any, is kept completely confidential and will not be disclosed or shared with other companies, governments, or the public. We also do not collect or store our user's confidential or personal data in our apps of any of our Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, or Facebook users.' - EvolutionRed

Here is the link to the Mo Gummy game in the app store:

Mo Gummy

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